Instagram follow button code for website

Header Follow Buttons stay fixed above your content in a desktop view and along the bottom of your screen on mobile for your users to easily spot.

Grow your lifetime fans and get your visitors to follow you on social media using Inline Follow Buttons! This tool seamlessly fits within the text of your page on desktop and mobile.

All of our tools have been free since And you have the ability to:. Once the Follow Buttons are set up, you can track how many site visitors shared your pages on your AddThis dashboard.

And receive a weekly digest with stats on how your content performed! It only takes a few minutes to install our tools. The best part? No paid plans, no contracts, no hidden fees—ever.

Activate View Example. Inline Follow Buttons Grow your lifetime fans and get your visitors to follow you on social media using Inline Follow Buttons! And you have the ability to: Choose custom colors Change the size and shape of the buttons Customize to match your branding.

Track Analytics Once the Follow Buttons are set up, you can track how many site visitors shared your pages on your AddThis dashboard. Install Follow Buttons. Need help?

How To Create Social Media Buttons Hover Effect Only HTML and CSS

Contact our support team. Easy and Free to Install It only takes a few minutes to install our tools. Sign up, it's free!

instagram follow button code for website

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instagram follow button code for website

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How to Create Social Media Buttons For Every Major Network

But with so many social networks providing their own individual content sharing and follow buttons, it's often difficult to know which social media button to use for what purpose. To address this, we've put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand the differences between the share and follow buttons for six of the biggest social networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterestas well as how to implement them on your website, blog, and other content.

Differentiating between social media sharing buttons and social media follow buttons lets you identify which type of button you should be using for what purpose. It's first step in understanding the nuances of all the various social media buttons available to you.

Let's clear that up right now. By placing these buttons on your business' website, you can help to create visibility for your social media accounts and easily extend your reach there.You can incorporate Instagram directly on your website in several ways. The main three tactics discussed here are as follows:. Exact instructions for adding these items to your website may differ depending on how your website was built. If you did not build your website, ask your webmaster for help if needed.

Most website builders, such as Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy, offer a variety of social media icons that you can easily drop in. If your website was not built on a website builder platform, you can still add a link to Instagram. Make sure you size the social media icons correctly all the same size, not too large or small before you upload them to your site.

The standard size for social media icons is 32 x 32 pixels. Share buttons enable you to share that content via your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several other social networks — except Instagram. We still encourage you to add your other social networks to further your content reach. Most website builders have share button widgets so you can easily share your content.

If you have a custom website, here are some websites that work similarly and offer share button solutions at no or low monthly costs:.

Looking to entice your website viewers to check out your Instagram profile? Users click an individual image to be taken to that image on your Instagram profile. Before you embed your Instagram feed on your website, think through your strategy. Would you rather have your audience stay on your website or go over to Instagram? Many website builder companies offer widgets or apps to easily insert your Instagram feed on your website.

Follow their instructions for adding the Instagram feed widget. If you have a custom or WordPress website, you can add the Instagram feed by using one of several widgets, such as the following:. How to Include Instagram on Your Website. Add links to your social media profile on your website. Social media share buttons for a variety of networks are available at the bottom of this web article. This website has its Instagram feed embedded on one of its web pages.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am able to add the follow button for twitter, subscribe button for youtube and "like" button for facebook, Is is possible to code the follow button for our Instagram account in the website?

You can use this website and it will automatically create a follow button for your website. I tried it and it worked.

instagram follow button code for website

Learn more. How to add Instagram Follow button in my website? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 16k times. Mohamed Hussain Mohamed Hussain 6, 12 12 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 68 68 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Tom el Safadi Tom el Safadi 2, 2 2 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 47 47 bronze badges.

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Follow Buttons

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Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.Encouraging social sharing among your customers and fans can be a great way to extend your online reach. Forget making people copy and paste links. With some simple code, you can add social media buttons that allow users to share your content across the webs with just a couple of clicks. Includes the tools, tricks, and daily routines used by three world-class social media experts. The most common types of social media buttons offer share, like, and follow functions.

Each serves a different purpose, and the ways they work vary somewhat among networks. But each type generally does what its name implies:. All of the social media buttons in this post are active, so you can interact with them to see exactly how they work.

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We created them using the tools outlined for each social network below. Adding a Facebook share button to your website, not surprisingly, allows visitors to share your content with their friends and followers on Facebook. They can choose to share your content on their timeline, to a group, or even in a private message using Facebook Messenger.

Users can also add their own personalized message to the shared content before posting. When you include a Facebook share button on your site, you can choose whether to show the number of times the page has already been shared as we did in the button above. If your page gets a lot of social shares, this number can provide great social proof of the value of your content.

Clicking the Like button on your website has the same effect as clicking Like on one of your Facebook posts. As with the other Facebook buttons, you can choose to show the number of times the page has already been liked. The Save to Facebook button works just like the Save option on Facebook posts. The Facebook send button allows users to send content from your website directly to their friends through a private message on Facebook Messenger, a form of dark social sharing.

You guessed it—Facebook has a send button configurator to provide you with the code you need to paste into your HTML. Instead, Instagram used to offer badges that you could use to send people from your website directly to your Instagram feed, but those badges are no longer available.

Changes to the Instagram API have also made it difficult for third-party providers to create functional Instagram buttons and badges. In addition to the photo, the embedded post includes an active follow button that allows users to follow your account without leaving your website. How much time do you spend managing your Instagram business accounts?

Tips on how to manage Instagram in 20 minutes per day. Or you could create an Instagram post that directly relates to the content on a specific page. The LinkedIn share button combines the functions of the Facebook share and send buttons. It allows users to share your content on LinkedIn in several ways—on their public profile, with their contacts, in a group, or in a message to one or more individuals. Clicking on the button opens a pop-up window that provides the option to add a personal message to the post, along with sharing options.

instagram follow button code for website

You can choose whether to showcase the number of times your content has already been shared on LinkedIn.The Instagram follow button is mobile optimized, lightweight and easy to configure and install. Choose to install follow buttons from over 20 of the most popular social channels.

Already have an account? Login here. An Instagram follow button is a simple, streamlined, and easy-to-use website or blog button that enables one-click access to your Instagram accountso visitors can easily find you and then follow you. No copy-and-paste, no manual app-switching, and almost zero effort required. No matter your definition of a share button, the answer as of early is no, Instagram does not have a share button.

Adding your Instagram link to your website is very easy. ShareThis offers a simple and easy-to-implement Instagram follow button that can be installed and customized in two simple steps : Just 1 add your Instagram account URL and 2 customize your button look size, alignment, design ; then, simply grab your code and post to your website.

The process of adding an Instagram follow button to your website is the same as adding a link to your Instagramwith the ShareThis Instagram follow button. So, for now, an Instagram follow button will direct users to your Instagram account, where they may then click Follow.

As detailed above, adding an Instagram follow button to your website is very easy with ShareThis. Install and customize in two simple steps : Just 1 add your Instagram account URL and 2 customize your button look size, alignment, design ; then, simply grab your code and post to your website.

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Adding an Instagram follow button to your blog is very simple and straightforward with ShareThis. The two-step process prompts you to 1 add your Instagram account URL ; and then 2 customize the design of your follow button ex. Then, just grab your code and post to your blog. Instagram Follow Button Start growing your Instagram following today!

Get Instagram Follow Button. Enable Follow Buttons. Frequently Asked Questions What is an Instagram follow button? Does Instagram have a share button? How do I put a link to Instagram on my website? How can I add an Instagram follow button to my website? How do I add an Instagram follow button to my WordPress blog?

Instagram Introduces Share Button and Web Embeds

What is an Instagram Action Button?Today I will teach you how to embed Instagram feed on Weebly website. Click the play button below. Please watch it in HD and full screen.


You can Try our plugin nowview a live demo here or continue reading below. The following steps are the text version of our video tutorial above. If your answer is YES, you know how tiring it is to upload Instagram photos and videos twice. One on Instagram.

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One on your Weebly. How to get a free access?

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Absolutely excellent support with quick responses and updates. The SociableKIT website plugin is an incredibly simple, clean and easy solution for us. Thank you for reading our tutorial about how to show, display or embed Instagram feed on Weebly! Please share this post with a friend who needs it.

They will love you more for doing it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SociableKIT a website plugin that allows you to customize and embed social media feeds on your website.

We have not yet updated some of our video tutorials to sociablekit. Please read the announcementlogin here or get a free access here. Need a step by step text guide? Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute!

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